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Review STO: Eqwity

Currently more and more tokens based on Ethereum, Eos platforms, ... Used to fund crypto projects in many different areas and most of the project development is through supply Original coin grant (ICO). When a successful ICO project made many other token sales appear, this was a good phenomenon to revive the electronic money world but unfortunately because not all ICO projects end up. The successful end and the worst is ending with scams (SCAM). Investors are very disadvantaged and have a bad reputation for selling digital money, which is why Eqwity was born. London-based Eqwity creates a better ICO system by encouraging self-regulation of the blockchain industry by introducing better and safer ICO standards.
Eqwity is an ecosystem that encourages the self-regulation of the blockchain industry by introducing new ICO standards, decentralizing corporate governance and opening the door to trading tokenized stocks. Provided by EOS.IO Problems That Are In The Current ICO a. Investors: * Phishi…
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FidelitySuite (STK) Loyalty Program on Blockchain

What is FidelitySuite ? FidelitySuite is a new Loyalty Program, offering special privileges and exclusive privileges for FidelitySuite's loyal customers. Empower Sellers and Consumers Blockchain with safe and decentralized peer-to-peer technology, helps boost customer satisfaction and loyalty through the seller's STK tradable token. Introduce  FidelitySuite takes advantage of existing reward system to bring more flexibility, easier to control and more advanced benefits to Sellers to ensure the highest level of satisfaction possible for consumers. FidelitySuite's "reward system" allows business owners to create a new level of interaction with consumers, and most importantly, create opportunities for consumers to freely exchange Sales with their STK with Other Consumers to get other STKs. BENEFITS FOR SELLERS AND CONSUMERSCONTROL OF SALES PROMOTION OF SELLERS ON BLOCKCHAIN 1/ CUSTOMER ASSISTANCE AND KEEP CUSTOMER FOOT FidelitySuite's obligations will become STK&#…

WHAT IS DATABLOC ? [ICO REVIEW] Protecting the World's Data

Nowadays with so much business competition in the company, it’s very difficult to get new customers and keep old customers. And now your old customers have important data that will greatly help market prospects with a high tendency to use your products and services. The data industry is very complicated and often inefficient, ineffective and certainly very harmful.  With this problem was born a very good project, namely DataBloc. This project will provide a very powerful interface between users and data sources. This project creates a one-point solution that will remove the need for multiple data vendors and layers of list managers and brokers that create inefficiencies in the market. I will explain more details about DataBloc.  WHAT IS DATABLOC ? DataBloc is a plaform of revelational data that stands to disrupt the way companies and individuals gather premium data. Products from  DataBloc will democratize data, make it more readily available, and cheaper nowadays. The resu…

Itex Exchange

Introducing Itex Exchange
Itex was born with a clear idea, that is to achieve true decentralization with optimal and better control over existing operations on the market; For this reason, we will become a HYBRID Exchange, providing a number of benefits and technological advantages of decentralized exchanges to create high liquidity, security, customer protection and substance support. good quality.
This is no longer a news showing that the amount of electronic money in circulation has increased rapidly in the past year. This directly leads to a corresponding increase in trading volume. Some startups have made decisions that outweigh the wave of public interest in ICOs to raise funds for their businesses by allocating chips to investors. In addition, the refusal to continue the new blockchain continues to expand its industry. Although each new project seems to take advantage of the shortcomings of previous projects, we have not been able to identify a blockchain capable of achieving …

[ICO Review] Followine

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The Followine platform is here to validate the current supply chain using the ever-growing blockchain technology. By integrating crypto tags and combinations using mobile applications with blockchain technology. This makes the brands, consumers and retailers different, giving them the ability to fight off fake wine products that overwhelm the market.

What is Followine? 
Followine was designed as a blockchain company. The company has established a team of professionals, who are dedicated to the current problem faced by many businesses in the market, the issue of counterfeit wines. Companies are personally invested in ensuring they eliminate the problem from the society.

The main task of the company is to ensure that they protect all brands and retailers; This is whether they are large or small. It also protects end consumers from these fake wine products, which is by implementing an unsafe authenticati…

[ICO Review] EndChain

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What is the EndChain project?
EndChain is a patent pending blockchain-based utility, focused on bringing blockchain-based tracking adoption to all markets. Incorporation of patent pending QR code and bar code, Allowing EndChain has two distinct advantages in this market, Integration and pricing. Existing logistics companies and manufacturers see benefits in blockchain tracking, but hesitate to improve the system because they spend millions of dollars.EndChain allows companies to easily extract both generic barcode data and blockchain barcode data with specific bar codes at the same time. Because EndChain's program will run in the current platform, our combination code will be easily identified by our program and the generic data will be entered into the legacy system for the manufacturer and poster. need tradition.

At the same time, blockchain will be updated with specific blockchain data by item.…