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[Review ICO] Gotpay (GPAY)

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What is Gotpay ?

Gotpay (GPAY) is the first distributed ecosystem to discover, create, run and analyze advertising campaigns, from celebrities to social media, based on blockchain technology. Gotpay brings together marketing activities between brands and handicrafts markets, aimed at reducing costs for all parties involved.

With Gotpay, it creates a 100% secure, transparent advertising platform that limits fraud in advertising, creates the opportunity for thousands of influencers and global brands to advertise competitively.

 Gotpay vision

Gotpay goal is to establish a healthy ecosystem in which celebrities can easily access donations to create high quality content, advertisers have access to a variety of relevant information. and more effectively to attract consumers and consumers will have access to the high quality content they desire.

Agent Dashbord

In your Agency account, you can manage company profiles and manage and upload the products you sell, and Gotpay offers you local advertising tools and international advertising tools, making it easy. Be sure to get the right buyer and target.

Gotpay - The new era of Digital Marketing

With the increase in global online time, advertising campaigns continue to shift from traditional marketing to digital marketing. Along with the development of online networks, it is difficult to find an advertising approach that can attract the attention of audiences. Over the past few years, companies and organizations have discovered communication through Influencer Marketing as the most potent and profitable strategy.

The statistics also show that the previous communication tools have also become less effective than the Influencer Marketing Gotpay offers:

  • 20% of computers and mobile devices use ad blocking software
  • 70% of internet users search for social networking products and services
  • 10% of consumers rely on the opinion of the influencer to make a purchase decision for themselves

What is Gotpay Token used for?

Gotpay core functionality will be maintained by a gadget tag called Gotpay Token. Every activity platform will require a Gotpay Token (GPAY) to ensure that transactions, campaigns or contract creation and data take effect.

Gotpay Token (GPAY) has the following advantages:

  •  Become a payment method
  • Make transactions easy and secure
  • Facilitate settlement of disputes between parties
  • Transaction security between buyer and seller
  • deposit security and withdraw your assets.

Payment in legal currency and electronic money

You can make payments and send in legal currency and all digital currency such as Bitcoin Ethereum, Bitcoin Cáh, Ripple and Stellar which will later be converted to (GOTPAY)

Token Information Gotpay


Decimal : 8

Tickers : GPAY 

Token Platform : Ethereum 

Max. Supply : 25,000,000,000 

Available for ICO : 13,750,000,000 

Available for Developer and Team and Partnership : 7,500,000,000 

Open time to sell Gotpay Token

Pre-Sale : 20 Nov 2018 Min 1 ETH and Max 2 ETH and Get Bonus 25%

Main ICO : 10 Dec 2018 0% bonus, 1 GPAY ~ 0,00000005 ETH

Softcap : 100 ETH

Hardcap : 680 ETH 

SMART CONTRACT : 0xb3F788E09550F9F13df3C946632e837B325667D1 

Adjustable emission: All unsold and unallocated tokens will be destroyed when the sale ends. The Token for Dev will be locked to 2020 and the Token for team will be locked for 4 months.


Q3 2018 Team development and GOTPAY project planning.

Q4 2018 GOTPAY project development and start ICO and Airdrop & Bounty.

Q4 2018 ICO and Airdrop & Bounty are over and List First Exchange.

Q2 2019 The Launch of the GOTPAY trial for local.

Q4 2019 The final launch of GOTPAY, and is ready to compete in the world market. 

Team Members








Partners & Supporters

Bitcointalk Profile

Bitcointalk username: yandonggun

Ethereum address: 0x10Afad38c5cc3B09737c0DcC72aA2A5c164e8C22


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