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[ICO Review] UZOMA

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According to a SiteMinder report, the leading challenge for the hotel industry in 2018 is the dominance of online travel agents. These carriers act as intermediaries between the hotel and the visitors, and OTAs typically operate by bringing the most popular hotel / resort users to the top of the home page. myself. This action makes customers more trust in OTAs instead of the ads themselves, with the required intermediary fee is not small (10-30%). Thus, the competitive capital markets, such as the hotel industry, are occupied by as many as 45% as large and well-known names such as, and more recently Airbnb. In addition, a system of reward travelers to expand customer loyalty to creative and reasonable is also a difficult math problem for private hotels.

ICO UZOMA was born with the aim to solve the above problems. By using an open protocol from the Ethereum platform, the project expects to offer a decentralized booking platform.

What is UZOMA ?

UZOMA (UMA) is a travel platform based hotel blockchain Ethereum, The platform itself operates at both endpoints, allowing vendors to easily edit their listings, while running a hierarchical backend associated with blockchain. Therefore, building a reliable, transparent and secure travel booking platform reduces the costs associated with tourism.UZOMA aims to break down the tourism industry and provide more benefits than potential competitors in the market. Free business model, 0% deposit and commission for vendors with no hidden fees. The combination of peer-to-peer chat between provider and consumer, along with UMA payment capabilities, crypto and Fiat payment options.

UZOMA is a market providing a simple, transparent booking platform for hotels, tours and property exchange in the travel industry. By creating a global buying and exchanging platform that reduces costs for all users while service levels and accessibility increase dramatically. UZOMA improves all aspects of what is currently being offered in the industry.

Provides an easy, all-in-one solution to pay for travel using electronic money and blockchain technology. The mission of UZOMA is to provide an easy, affordable and secure platform to pay for flights, hotels, travel and tourism in Bali. UZOMA's customers love UZOMA with low fees, package options, and UZOMA's resale offerings.

Due to the advanced capabilities of blockchain technology, Uzoma offers room, travel and travel in our integrated market at a price lower than 20% without affecting profitability.

Using blockchain technology, UZOMA will be a global online ticket marketplace. UZOMA is building its online reservation platform based on the decentralization tool Blockchain Ethereum

UZOMA will be the core of the ecosystem. Travelers and merchants are provided peer-to-peer communication, which allows direct transactions with 0% commissions. UZOMA aims to become a travel market worldwide.

UZOMA acts as a facilitator in transactions between sellers and consumers, presenting a list of hotels, tours or property exchanges offered on the UZOMA network. The specific benefits that UZOMA provides include:

  • Communication between suppliers and customers
  • Minimum fees for booking transactions
  • The cost of operations is significantly lower for all listings
  • Platform and transparent network
  • Operating system security and encryption
  • 0% Organization Fee Reservation for Provider
You can access all the high-end services just through a mobile application, without much complexity and waiting to get access to world-class services and facilities. UZOMA with its partners around the world will provide customers with the lowest fares, hotels, vacation rentals, cruises, amusement and adventure sports through desktop applications. desk or cell phone with just a few clicks of the original token.


Ecosystem support





Overview of UZOMA ICO

Token Name: Uzoma Token

Token Symbol: UMA 

Type: ERC20 

Ticker Name: UMA 

Total Supply: 200,000,000,000 (200 Billion) 

Token Sale: 100,000,000,000 (100 Billion)

50% Distributed to Community 

25% Reserved Funding 

10% Founders and Team 

9,75% Influencer & Marketing 

5% Advisors 

0,25% Bounty


August 2018 Concept idea of the UZOMA

November 2018 Private sale & Bounty program

December 2018 Pre sale

January 2019 ICO phase 1 & phase 2

February 2019 ICO phase 3 & Launch beta test of uzoma platform

March 2019 Launch UMA news portal & Uzoma exchanger

April 2019 Listing on 2 exchanger & partnership with other startup

June 2019 Launch UMA job freelancer & Launch final version of uzoma hotel booking

September 2019 Organising some online events to promote Uzoma product globally

November 2019 Listing on another exchanger & Launch UMA Fauchet

January 2020 Launch UMA onlineshop

February 2020 Building a charity foundation

March 2020 Launch Project for Bali environment (such as solution for garbage problem, clean water, and also electricity with new update technology)



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Telegram : @piepiee 

Eth Address : 0x10Afad38c5cc3B09737c0DcC72aA2A5c164e8C22


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