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[ICO Review] - (FFL)

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What is the Platform

The is a powerful platform for developers to enable the connection of arbitrary technologies and for the deployment of technologies to the internet. This platform reduces development costs as it provides a framework for users to access and manage files. The platform also has a graphical user interface with a window manager that works on all platforms with a web browser. This allows developers to manage cloud services and adjust their environment.

Developers need to create device-optimized applications to maximize the number of users accessing their applications. The Network in which participants share ownership of the infrastructure and receive a token reward. can be described as one of the first Blockchain operating systems. It can be accessed online in a browser tab or installed natively on Linux, allowing users and developers to log in using the Files account online or on their offline notebook How does Blockchain work?

Through this platform, developers can connect their applications with other applications running on the network to open up wonderful functions. Technology is used to build distributed systems, allowing participants to share functions and data. This platform allows distributed cryptosystems, storage and dynamic computing and collaboration between multiple nodes to efficiently deliver and enable capabilities on any work domain. The use of friends' virtual computer models also allows organizations to deploy services and applications at zero deployment cost.

When a user deploys an application to the network, the application is immediately created globally using decentralized technologies to transfer files and business logic. When developers use the store, they can make money without intermediaries.

Benefits of the

  • The platform allows developers to build rich, cross platform rich applications. 
  • The platform allows zero deployment costs for existing infrastructure. 
  • This network provides peer-to-peer networks and servers to servers. 
  • Core applications built on top of the workspace of friends allow users to design and use their cloud infrastructure. 
  • Components have been tested by the user.  

P2P Application and decentralization

The main problem with classic client-server architecture: as the number of users increases, speed drops but the service costs increase.

P2P technology is needed to ensure system growth, speed and cost-effectiveness - to implement massive file sharing for a large and fast-growing number of users while achieving these targets:

  • fast download speed
  • unlimited traffic 
  • able support thousands of simultaneous users and traffic spikes
  • reduce service maintenance fees 
  • independent file exchang 

More about the project

Total Token Supply : 10,000,000,000

Public & Private Sale : 2,000,000,000

Limited Supply : Yes

Soft Cap : $3,000,000

Min Cap - first round : $10,000,000

Hard Cap : $20,000,000

Symbol : FFL

Type : ERC777 / ERC20

Starting price per Token : $0.01


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Bitcointalk Usernam : yandonggun Username : piepie.asean 

Ethereum address: 0x10Afad38c5cc3B09737c0DcC72aA2A5c164e8C22 



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