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[ICO Review] EndChain

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What is the EndChain project?

EndChain is a patent pending blockchain-based utility, focused on bringing blockchain-based tracking adoption to all markets. Incorporation of patent pending QR code and bar code, Allowing EndChain has two distinct advantages in this market, Integration and pricing. Existing logistics companies and manufacturers see benefits in blockchain tracking, but hesitate to improve the system because they spend millions of dollars.EndChain allows companies to easily extract both generic barcode data and blockchain barcode data with specific bar codes at the same time. Because EndChain's program will run in the current platform, our combination code will be easily identified by our program and the generic data will be entered into the legacy system for the manufacturer and poster. need tradition.

At the same time, blockchain will be updated with specific blockchain data by item. EndChain brings great benefits but costs only a fraction of all products. Most of the solutions on the market rely on NFC chips or manually enter data into the blockchain.

Revolutionize the supply chain

There is no doubt that Blockchain's strongest case is used for logistics and shipping. This is due to the generally accepted view of blockchain, It allows for safe and transparent transaction monitoring. At its core, logistics is a series of deals that link a product from raw material to consumer. Thus, the blockchain character has the power to revolutionize the modern supply chain.

Promote global economic development

The impact of this technology can not be accurately calculated as it can transform the logistics and transport industry, generating about 13% of global GDP. With the help of Blockchain, communication and border management can be improved, which could generate another $ 1 trillion in global trade, according to the World Economic Forum.

Bringing BlockChain to all areas

Now, the same basic technology has the potential to dramatically change the way physical goods are delivered. While some companies have tried to create blockchain solutions for modern logistics problems, No complete solution exists today. Current options revolve around expensive RFID chips or over-dependence on consumer inputs. EndChain focuses on the entire chain of logistics: from manufacturers to businesses to customers to resellers. The goal of EndChain is to become the blockchain solution that the logistics industry needs, by allowing an easy-to-use blockchain for all the verticals of the supply chain.

Ensure seamless, secure and transparent exchange

EndChain's goal is to break through the logistics industry through decentralization, open protocols and utilities. The goal is to connect manufacturers, shipping companies, forwarders and other parties to easily navigate transactions where trust is not the issue. This will lead to a seamless exchange of goods while enhancing security, transparency and traceability.

Details on ICO EndChain

Token : ENCN

ICO Day : 1/12/2018 - 15/1/2019

ICO price : 1 ENCN = 0.24 USD

Bonus : 50%

Platform : Ethereum

Acceptance of contributions : BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC

Soft cap :  $4,000,000

Hard cap :  $15,000,000

Country : Hong Kong

Whitelist / KYC : No

My Bitcointalk Profile

Ethereum address: 0x10Afad38c5cc3B09737c0DcC72aA2A5c164e8C22


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