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FidelitySuite (STK) Loyalty Program on Blockchain

What is FidelitySuite ?
FidelitySuite is a new Loyalty Program, offering special privileges and exclusive privileges for FidelitySuite's loyal customers. Empower Sellers and Consumers Blockchain with safe and decentralized peer-to-peer technology, helps boost customer satisfaction and loyalty through the seller's STK tradable token.
FidelitySuite takes advantage of existing reward system to bring more flexibility, easier to control and more advanced benefits to Sellers to ensure the highest level of satisfaction possible for consumers.
FidelitySuite's "reward system" allows business owners to create a new level of interaction with consumers, and most importantly, create opportunities for consumers to freely exchange Sales with their STK with Other Consumers to get other STKs.
FidelitySuite's obligations will become STK's Dear Customer Program on Blockchain for Sellers, guaranteed and an effective way to promote special deals for Consumers.
Consumers will receive STK offers from Sellers securely with specific terms for promotional products or services such as expiration time, limited quantity and terms of transaction. Such flexibility will give Consumers a certain time frame to use products or services or create their SKT trading opportunities with other Consumers anywhere in the world. .
2/ stability
FidelitySuite allows each user to have a loyalty card and participating companies continue to implement a unique collection in a transparent and simple way, thanks to the stability of the SCT. A stable system with the global expansion of the electronic money market.
Broadcast every month
To reward the loyalty of all STK investors and owners and continually consolidate the Suite in the global market, from the company's first data and with monthly frequency, DOIT will be distributed. Free and usable in commercial and platform businesses.
A variety of services, products, affiliate stores.
The Suite will revolutionize the concept of "loyalty bonuses" in the loyalty card market, by asking, by converting SCT, truly useful services (insurance, medical care). economics, gift cards, parking and many services for daily use)
Ticker: STK
Platform: Ethereum
Token Type: SecuritySTO
Available for sale: STK 60,000,000 (60%)
Country: Italy
ICO Time: June 30, 2019 to October 31, 2019
Total Supply: 100M STK
STK available for Sale: 60M STK
Hardcap at PreSale: $7.2M
Private Sale Rate
100% Bonus  -> 0.12$ =  1 STK
 For more info you can visit:  
fidelitysuite is very serious about preparing to implement ICO. In response to questions from ICO investors, fidelitysuite has focused on building a community on Telegram so that people can quickly update information and ask about the project. You can also answer any question quickly when joining this community Telegram
Bitcointalk username: jackyschanz


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