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Review STO: Eqwity

Currently more and more tokens based on Ethereum, Eos platforms, ... Used to fund crypto projects in many different areas and most of the project development is through supply Original coin grant (ICO). When a successful ICO project made many other token sales appear, this was a good phenomenon to revive the electronic money world but unfortunately because not all ICO projects end up. The successful end and the worst is ending with scams (SCAM). Investors are very disadvantaged and have a bad reputation for selling digital money, which is why Eqwity was born. London-based Eqwity creates a better ICO system by encouraging self-regulation of the blockchain industry by introducing better and safer ICO standards.

Eqwity is an ecosystem that encourages the self-regulation of the blockchain industry by introducing new ICO standards, decentralizing corporate governance and opening the door to trading tokenized stocks. Provided by EOS.IO
Problems That Are In The Current ICO
a. Investors:
* Phishing Risk: Too many fraudulent ICOs have been recorded in the market since ICO boomed. According to Bloomberg and SATIS Group, 78% of ICO can be classified as fraud.
* No rights: Investors invest in a certain project and are helping founders launch their projects. But investors do not receive any voting, stock and dividend rights in that company.
* ICO is failing: Many projects are now dead because they are not listed in any exchange or the product has not been implemented yet. According to News Bitcoin, the total amount of fundraising for the ICO failed was over 100 million dollars.
b. ICO founders:
* Facing Hackers: This is the problem of everyone who owns digital money, but facing the hackers of the founders it will be complicated and cause a lot of damage. It could lead to a collapse of that company and a lot of people supporting the project will be severely damaged. According to Ernst and Young more than 10% of the $ 3.7 billion mobilized in the 2017 ICOs were stolen.
* Challenges and difficulties: They do not achieve their goals, partly due to low project quality, the team lacks business experience, lack of skills and no sustainable financial vision.
c. Crypto Market:
* Government and Regulations: Many governments that are not fans of ICO and outside have banned them because of fraud, failure, hacking, money laundering projects; In a lot of risks for investors.
* Secondary market: At present, there is still no real decentralized secondary market to trade the company shares of Token. You can find out about the secondary market here.
Eqwity's Solution:
I. Stage 1: ICO.E Foundation:
ICO.E is the new ICO standard based on bilateral transparency and trust between the founders and investors.
ICO.E means Providing the original coin + Airdropping equity! This new ICO standard is intended to correct all problems encountered with current ICOs.
ICO.E introduces new concepts to its fundraising process: bilateral transparency, two-way trust, financial sustainability and feasible Evidence.
The development of this ICO will be realized under a fundraising platform, in which the groups listed in the white list and audited projects prove feasible, will be able to raise funds by ensuring bilateral transparency, two-way trust, voting rights and dividends for investors.
Functions: KYF process, project audit, intelligent contract audit, trustworthiness, KYC (investor identity verification), AML (anti-money laundering) and free marketing services.
II. Stage 2.1: Government exploitation - Voice of the community:
An online administration platform to decentralize corporate decision making.
The voice of the community makes a stronger connection between the first supporters and the founder thanks to a smart platform provided by artificial intelligence.
A decentralized world is exploding in the blockchain industry, drawing thousands of investors from around the world around projects. And each investor will need to have his or her voice in these decentralized private companies.
III. Phase 2.2: Exchange Blockchain:
Eqwity is targeting the world's first Crypto stock exchange. Blockchain stock exchange platform for capitalized Blockchain companies.
The market is opening up for Equity Token transactions. That's why they are aiming for this change, they will help all projects funded through ICO.E to be ready token and list stocks in the Blockchain stock exchange.
IV. Phase 3: Blockchain Block (Connection):
- Building success: By reducing the failure rate of projects caused by a lack of strategic preparation, mistakes, no financial sustainability plans or other startup-related issues .
- Mission: Create opportunities to break ideas owned by groups that are not ready to appear in the industry thanks to a great trying program designed for blockchain projects.
- R & D laboratory: Create a laboratory to help breakthrough researchers, promote innovation. The goal for this industry is growing stronger, better and massively used.
Eqwity has set a goal and outlined a fairly long path to the fourth quarter of 2020, they will have an opening ceremony for the Blockchain block, the first call for the Blockchain startup application.
Roadmap for 2019:
Quarter 1: Release of UX / UI of ICO.E web platform, mobile community voice and organizational settings.
Second quarter: ICO.E trial release of web platform and mobile device. Publish Eqwity code on GitHub and public ICO.E campaign
3rd quarter: Release of community voice application on Android and IOS operating systems.
Quarter 4: Release ICO.E stable web platform.
Details About Eqwity Token:
- Name: Eqwity
- Token: EQY
- Platform: EOSIO
- Total Supply: 6,250,000,000 EQY
- Public Sale Day: From 30/01/2019 To March 30, 2019
See more information about the project under the link below:

Bitcointalk username: jackyschanz

Eth Address: 0x904BcF03Da6C903725874Fb0cB35C6B2af961151


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